Knitted Fabrics

Elastane knit fabric is the fabric in which elastane yarn is feeded in to fabric formation to produce stretch fabric is a versatile and highly elastic material that has revolutionized the fashion industry. Its exceptional stretch and recovery properties make it ideal for various applications, from sportswear and swimwear to dance costumes and form-fitting garments. The presence of Spandex in knitted fabric increases of course density, fabric thickness, and knitted fabric recovery.

  • Elastane fabric such as Elastane jersey, elastane French terry and elastane pique Lacoste fabric are body fabric to produce garments like; t-shirts, polo shirts, tops, basics, school uniforms, inner wears, under wears, pajamas, baby wear, children’s wear, dresses, uniforms.
  • By adding Spandex yarn the knitted fabric becomes tight & Stretchable.

At Moscot, we prioritize quality when it comes to fabrics. That’s why we source our Spandex fabrics from trusted manufacturers who adhere to the highest industry standards. Our fabrics are known for their durability, excellent colorfastness, and soft, comfortable feel.

Spandex Fabric
Spandex Fabric