Novelty yarn or Fancy Yarn include a wide variety of yarns that have distinct features, structure or fiber composition such as Slubs, inclusions, metallic or synthetic fibers, laddering and varying thickness that are introduced during production. Fancy yarns are designed mainly for their aesthetic appearance rather than their durability.

Fancy yarns Components: in Polyester filament, Polyester Spun, Cotton Spun, Viscose Spun etc.
Thick & Thin Yarn in Polyester Filament, Polyester Spun, Cotton Spun, Viscose Spun Etc.
Neps Yarn in Polyester Filament, Polyester Spun, Cotton Spun, Viscose Spun Etc.
Cotton Poly Twist Yarn
Cotton Nylon Twist Yarn
Polyester Spun with Polyester Filament Yarn
Viscose Spun with Viscose Filament Yarn

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