Nylon Monofilament Yarns
Monofilament yarn consists of a single solid filament & can be obtained by direct spinning method or by splitting the Mother Yarn. They generally have circular & solid cross-sections. Depending on their thickness which varies from 100-2000 μm they are used in various applications of Knitting & others such as dental floss, sports racquets, toothbrush bristles, etc.

Nylon FDY Yarns
The main utility of nylon FDY is to create narrow tapes, stocking, knitting, hosiery fabrics etc. Usually, it is also knitted  with other filament yarns to obtain fabric of a wide variety. Nylon FDY is available in bright, semi dull and full dull finishes.

Nylon DTY Yarns
Nylon DTY yarn has good attribute such as good high strength, high elastic and good abrasion, it is suitable to knitting of sock, sport clothes, seamless wear and other application.

Nylon ATY Yarns
Nylon Air Textured Yarn, is a kind of hybrid textured yarn produced through Air-Jet Texturing process.  ATY products have a cotton-like handfeel while maintaining advantages and functions of synthetic fibers.

Nylon ACY Yarns
Nylon Air covered yarn is manufactured by interlacing Spandex yarn with Nylon with the help of compressed air. The air is applied through a nozzle which regulates the flow. Spandex is then applied during a draw texturizing process of Nylon to avoid the additional process of spandex application.