Knitted Fabrics

We specialize in sourcing finest quality knitted Fleece Fabrics. We manufacture Fleece Fabric using Finest Quality Yarns which are compliance to Export Standards.

Fleece Fabric is available in different knitting technique. We also ensure that Polar Fleece Fabric is sent to Standard Dyeing and Processing Houses to meet the expectations of the Buyers.

Fleece Fabric can also be customized according to Buyers requirement.

Spandex Fleece fabric
Spandex fleece fabric’s stretchiness can give garments a more fitted, closer feel and look.

Polyester Fleece Fabric

Polyester fleece is also unlikely to shrink when washed, is moisture-resistant, and is quick to dry, further improving cotton-made fibre. This type of fleece fabric is quite good with winter wear, such as sweaters and scarves, as you would expect wool to be.

Micro Fleece fabric
The most lightweight and thinnest is the one with micro in its name. This Fleece can weigh as little as 200 grams per square meter or even less, meaning it is comfortable to wear as it fails to entertain you. Due to their flexible property, Micro fleece can be worn as a base layer or over your clothes. As it is lighter, you can anticipate microfleece to lack the insulation of other fleece fabrics yet be more breathable. That breathability makes it more suitable for jackets, shirts, active wear, and bathrobes.

Polar Fleece
If you are looking for a durable fleece fabric, there’s nothing better than polar Fleece. It is used in apparel and clothing because it stays so long.